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Molly is a regular on the AussieBoard.

She loves the treats Miss Lisa at TimberAcres sends for Christmas.

She and Conner are having an alter-dog love affair. Conner is the chief teaching dog at Companion Animal Solutions in Seattle.

Molly does her sheep training at Fido's Farm.

But above all else... Molly loves to play rough with big brother Simon.

Simon at the Park

Find the Kitty

Water Dog

Go Molly Go!

What a happy girl!


Amy and Molly on Bob

Molly ARPH#8575

History of Molly

Molly came into the ARPH program via the Thurston County Animal Shelter. She was released to the shelter by a rancher who couldn't stop her from chasing the stock. She was placed in a loving foster home who immediately recognized her potential. She was bright, energetic and biddable with a wonderful disposition with people and other dogs. Her foster home had her instinct tested with a local herding instructor and she passed with flying colors! When the opportunity presented its self to go to eastern Washington with an ARPH volunteer who had herding experience, all agreed this was a great opportunity. Molly immediately won the heart of the ARPH volunteer, and her herding friend. She is a natural on sheep and cows and easy to work. You can see video of Molly learning to work sheep below.

September of 2007, Molly and big brother Simon escaped from the yard and were hit by a car. After 4 days in Vet ICU and months of baby-step recovery, she is up and working sheep again. She'll be a booth dog at the Seattle AKC show, my right hand girl at the April ASC of WA trial and took 3rd place as ASC of BC's 2009 July Sheep Trial.

I am so proud of her.


I've moved Molly's updates to the DogBlog!

You can read about Molly's accident on the HelpMolly Page.


Molly's Photos and Video!


Molly's Instinct Test

Molly in the Round Pen

Molly Getting Behind her Sheep

Molly in the Small Pen

Molly's First Trial (78 under Marti Parrish)


Waiting Nicely with Simon to Work

Playing with Foster Sister Maya